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MD170 Slimline Parallel Window


● Max weight: 260kg

● Max size(mm): W 550~1200 | H 600~3400

● Glass thickness: 30mm


● Manual & Motorized Available

● Sash Flushed To Frame

● Concealed, Simple And Elegant Handle

● Fixed Window Appearance

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Modern Slimline Parallel Window
A Solution For Ceiling To Floor Opening

3  170平推窗

Interior View

4   170平推窗 外 拷贝

Exterior View




6 parallel opening window

Manual & Motorized Available

Flexibility is key in the modern world, and the Slimline Minimalist
Parallel Window adapts effortlessly to your lifestyle.

This duality ensures that your window is not just a design statement but
a functional element that aligns with your daily needs.

7 parallel opening aluminium windows

Sash Flushed To Frame

Elevate your spaces with the visual harmony of a sash flushed to the frame.

The seamless integration of the sash with the frame not only enhances the
aesthetic appeal but also ensures a smooth and effortless operation,
creating an unobtrusive yet impactful presence in any room.

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Concealed, Simple And Elegant Handle

The handle is not just a functional element; it's a design detail that can
elevate the entire window. the handle is concealed, embodying
simplicity and elegance.

This thoughtful design choice not only adds a touch of refinement but
also contributes to the window's clean and uncluttered appearance.

9 window parallel

Fixed Window Appearance

The Slimline Minimalist Parallel Window, even when operable, presents a
fixed window appearance.

This innovative feature allows for a consistent aesthetic throughout your
space, marrying form and function seamlessly.

Beyond the Surface: Benefits and Applications

Unobstructed Views

The seamless design of this window allows for expansive,
uninterrupted views, connecting the indoors with the beauty
of the surrounding environment.

Abundant Natural Light

The large glass panels invite an abundance
of natural light into your space, creating a
bright and inviting atmosphere.

10 (2)






Energy Efficiency

The substantial glass thickness contributes to superior insulation, reducing energy consumption and creating a more sustainable living or working environment.

Architectural Versatility

The window's minimalist aesthetic makes it a versatile choice for various architectural styles, from contemporary to industrial.

11 (2)

Tailoring Spaces with MEDO

In the journey of crafting spaces, MEDO stands as a reliable companion,
offering not just windows but solutions that redefine the way we experience architecture.
The Slimline Minimalist Parallel Window, with its technical prowess and aesthetic finesse,
is a testament to our commitment to innovation and design excellence.

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Global Presence, Local Expertise

As a global player in the industry,
MEDO has a strong presence in America, Mexico, Middle East Arabia countries, and Asia.
Our windows are crafted to meet the diverse needs of different regions,
combining international standards with local expertise.

Whether you are an architect, designer, or homeowner,
MEDO is your partner in bringing visionary designs to life.


Embrace Timeless Elegance

Slimline Minimalist Parallel Window from MEDO ,
it's an embodiment of timeless elegance and modern functionality.

From its technical mastery to its seamless integration into diverse spaces,

every aspect is a testament to our dedication to
pushing the boundaries of what's possible in architectural design.
Welcome to a world where innovation meets sophistication. Welcome to MEDO.

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